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Automotive Marketing, Training, and More

Let TDC promote your brand and vehicles. With effective marketing campaigns and hands-on training with salespeople, we will increase your brand's exposure and boost awareness about your newest vehicles to entice potential customers.

Automotive Marketing

Our automotive marketing includes consumer driving experience, PR events, and other marketing tied to experiential marketing. It is targeted to automotive manufacturers, with the goal being to spread the word about your automotive brand and influence the perception of the brand in a positive way. We do this by offering hands-on experience. For example, when we do the training, we usually do it during the weekdays and have the salespeople test-drive your new cars. On the weekends, we compile an exclusive list of people to invite to a driving program where they can test-drive the vehicles and their competitors. They have the chance to spend a couple of hours learning about the cars and test-driving them and walking away with the goal to be their next car purchase.

Automotive Training

If you're an automotive manufacturer introducing a new car, we can work with you months before it is released to create an effective training plan. We will discuss the vehicle's features, how it is better than the current generation, and how it compares to the competition. We will also test the car against its competitors to learn more about it. Our copywriters who provide written materials for the classroom part of training will compose sales pitches and training materials to market your vehicle. We will then develop a training program and hire professional drivers to tour the country for one to four months to train salespeople at dealerships about the new car coming out. That way, when a consumer walks into a dealership to buy the vehicle, the salespeople will know as much about the cars they're selling as well as the competitors as the customer.

Professional Stunt and Driving Events

We are SAG/AFTRA Members and provide professional drivers, including performance and stunt drivers, for car commercials, movies, and industrial videos.

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